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Poll: Who Should Floyd Mayweather Fight Next?

By January 30, 2013

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has indicated he plans on fighting twice in 2013, with the first bout taking place on May 4. All he needs to do now is pick an opponent. Speculation is that he'll face Robert Guerrero first and then Saul Alvarez later in the year ... assuming, of course, that both Mayweather and Alvarez win (and don't get injured) on May 4.

Once again, it's a schedule that doesn't include Manny Pacquiao, but many fight fans have stopped holding their breath for that match-up. In fact, the window for getting the general public excited about that fight is closing rapidly. Mayweather and Pacquaio avoiding each other in their respective primes - blame whoever you want - will go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in recent sports history.

So - other than Pacquiao - who would you like to see Mayweather face on May 4? Robert Guerrero? Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez? Timothy Bradley? Someone else? Vote in our poll and let us know.


January 30, 2013 at 4:27 pm
(1) Phil titan says:

The one fighter besides Pacquiao that Fearful Floyd will never dare get in the squared circle with is Se5rgio Martinez because he knows that the Argintine will not only defeat him but beat him badly by a KO. It wopn’t be a TKO unless Mayweather quits which is certainly a better possibility than him actually winning. Martinez would totally dominate Mayweather in every phase of the game at 154 lbs.

January 30, 2013 at 5:58 pm
(2) will dehn says:

Quit blaming Pacman, Mayweather’s had 4 years to fight Pac and has ducked him. Include Pacman in the fight-options, because most of the publci will pick that fight. Ask Pacman right now if he’ll fight Mayweather, Manny will say “yes.” Ask Floyd, – and he’ll give some vague answer declining the fight. Yet another excuse.

January 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm
(3) Edgar "LMV" Rodriguez says:

You actually think sergio Martinez can beat mayweather??? Yeah right, not in a million years. Obviously you didn’t see the Chavez jr fight. Yeah, he won but he was done by the 12th round. He couldn’t go any longer. I think he should beat pacquiao, then fight Canelo Alvarez. Close out with a bang, then retire as an undefeated champion.

January 30, 2013 at 9:24 pm
(4) $$ moneyteam111hunna says:

Money is undefeated for a reason nobody is seeing him in the ring. Everybody wacman manny lost 2 money whooped em soooo….and wacman manny just got knocked out EASY got caught slippin and hit the floor cmon now 4real….STOP IT 42-0 son all yall wacman fans
go 2 sleep like he did his last fight lmmfao

February 11, 2013 at 8:11 pm
(5) dirtygloverep says:

Bunch of delusional biased so called fans…who would any longer entertain the idea of pacquiao beating mayweather??? Only a hater..styles make fights..marquez KNOCKED MANNY OUTCOLD by way of counterpunching….mayweather took marquez to school & counterpunched him into 59-12% total punch stats at the fight end….how in the HELL could anyone in their right mind still see pacquiao winning? Real fight fans no longer want to see the fight its finished….if a critics best bet is to pick someone 2 weightclasses above money to beat him it says alot about the spectator and nothing about mayweather…..lol thats sad….martinez should be moving up to smw to fight opponents like ward, kessler or froch…not moving down to get his flame put out like manny did by marquez

February 13, 2013 at 5:22 pm
(6) Phil titan says:

What a fantastic argument you make to dispute the possibility of Sergio Martinez defeating Ferrful Floyd Mayweather, in the Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. A bout that Martinez dominated in every round. except the last, because Sergio foolishly ewanted to win by a KO. Chavez was well over 200 lbs in that fight, & was therefore so embrassed by his weight advantage that he refused to participate in the HBO day-of-the-bout Weigh-In, something no other Boxer has ever refused to comply with. You sactually think that bringing up Chavez, a man who was dominated with ease by the slick & quick Srgio Martinez is proof of why Matweather would defeat Martinez? How? If Martinez just played it super safe like Floyd always does, the only thing being said about the bout was how easily Sergio Martinez diminated him. Besides the idelible memory of Sergio’s great KO of Payl Williams, who Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t fight if they gave him the entire ourse, the Chavez fight was the most dominating victory in Segio Martinez’s storied career. Julio Ceasar Chavez will never defeat Martinez, something he has in common with Mayweather. Of course you take a terrific chance of getting knocked out when you are a small Middlweight & your Oppenent is actually a heavyweight, that was merely a strategical error, which I doubt the savy Martinez will ever repeat again. His prior 11 round dominanation was the real story of this bout, not Martinez finally landing a big punch because Sergoi wanted to KO him. Martinez totally dominated Chsavez jr. There’s nobody who knows about Boxing would disagree wit that assessment. And no, Fearful floyd won’t ever have the courage to fight artinez, because he knows he’d get crushed. Fearful Floyd will always be remembered more for he he was afraid to fight than anything he ever did in the ring. He’s a frightened Chicken with a big mouth.

February 20, 2013 at 3:38 pm
(7) Phil Titan says:

Of course Frightened Floyd wouldn’t be willing to add to that list anyone who he knows will beat him, i.e., Sergio Martinez. Sergio Martinez would dominate Floyd with strength & Speed, like Frightened Floyd, he a student of the game, but the one area Mayweather may possibly be the best in I concede is angle fighting. If Mayweather for his best fight with his deft , sometimes almost psychic, knowledge of where the punch is coming from and what his opponent will do next, he will certainly have a chance to win. All imitators of Mayweather’s unique style have found it difficult to put into practice. Berto simply didn’t know how to execute it against Robert Guerrero. Andre “The Problem is I isn’t Floyd Mayweather” actually looked pretty good at it until Gavin Rees showed how much easier it is to hit Broner than Mayweather. I never saw a Lightweight Championship Bout where the difference in the Boxer’s size was so pronounced. Broner packs a lot more power than Mayweather & his hands are just as fast. He just doesn’t have Floyd Mayweather’s defensive genius, where he gets so much out of doing so little, a foot here & an inch here and he’s out of trouble and making his opponent look bad & psychologically shredding their confidence. Mayweather’s ability to adjust his game plan in a bout is also as good as anyone if not better than anyone. He just wouldn’t be successful against the physical advantages which Martinez has, plus he also, like Floyd, has a high Boxing IQ. Sergio Martinez is just too big, too fast, too strong, too smart & too pretty for Pretty Boy Floyd.

February 21, 2013 at 1:54 am
(8) Thataboy85 says:

I only want to see him fight Manny and as much as I like Mayweather it will
go down in history that he ducked the Pac Man!!! Shame on you Mayweather for not giving your fans the fight they wanted to see most of all.

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