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The heavyweight division has always been and will always be the glamour division of the sport ... but it's kind of a mess at the present time. Lennox Lewis was the (more-or-less) undisputed champ ... but then he retired. Then Vitali Klitschko seemed to be on his way to becoming the (more-or-less) undisputed champ ... but then he retired too ... for nearly four years. Plus all the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport are campaigning in lower weight categories. Nevertheless, the big money and the majority of the media attention continues to focus on the big boys. Accordingly, it seems appropriate to have an in-depth look at who's who in today's heavyweight division and rank them accordingly. Plenty of magazines and web sites will give their top ten. However, if you really love boxing, then ten is definitely not enough. So here they are -- the top fifty heavyweight fighters in the world today. Let the debates begin!

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