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Amateur Boxing Rules


Article VII, Section 107.6 -- Judges

(1) Dress. The judges shall officiate in white clothing, similar to the referee. Female officials will be dressed in white blouse, white skirt or slacks, and preferably, white shoes. Officials working in USA Boxing Group Members’ tournaments may wear the uniforms of that organization at its competitions.

(2) Duties.
(a) Each judge shall independently judge the merits of the two boxers and shall decide the winner according to the rules.
(b) A judge shall not speak to a boxer nor to another judge nor to anyone else except the referee during the contest, but may, if necessary, at the end of a round, bring to the notice of the referee any incident which the referee may appear not to have noticed, such as the misconduct of a coach, loose ropes, etc.
(c) The number of legal scoring blows will be counted with the use of a tally counter or similar counting device. Two counting devices will be used. One device will count the scoring blows for the Red corner and the other device will count the scoring blows for the Blue corner. The number of legal scoring blows awarded to each boxer will be recorded on the score card at the end of each round. In addition, any warnings shall be entered by the judge on the scorecard immediately after the end of the round as indicated by Rule 107.7(1)(b) & (c). The scoring device must be reset to zero prior to the start of the next round.
(d) At the end of the bout, a judge shall total the scoring blows and nominate a winner.
(e) Judges shall not leave their seats until the result has been announced to the public.

(3) Each contest shall be marked by five USA Boxing judges who shall be seated separate from the public and immediately adjacent to the ring. Two of the judges shall be seated on the same side of the ring at a sufficient distance from one another, and each of the other three judges shall be seated at the center of one of the other three sides of the ring. When the number of officials available is insufficient, three judges instead of five may be used, but this shall not apply to the U.S. Championships or similar events.

(4) Before a contest begins, the referee and the judges should confirm the identity of each boxer, fill in the necessary preliminary entries on their score card, such as weight class, bout number, date and affix their signature to the bottom of the paper. Each official will print, in large block letters, the names of the boxers in the red and blue corners in the corresponding left and right columns on the scorecard. Note: Competition organizers should strive to have all scorecards pre-printed or typed with names, club representation, weights, etc.

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