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Research fight-by-fight career records of virtually any fighter past or present. Also, official, unofficial and fan sites dedicated to individual fighters, both active and retired.
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Active Boxers
Fight-by-fight records of active boxing champions and contenders.

Retired Boxers / Fighters of the Past
Bios and fight-by-fight records of retired fighters and great boxers of the past - from Muhammad Ali to Fritzie Zivic.

Ranking the Top 50 Heavyweights
Everyone's got a top ten list of current heavyweights. About brings you the top fifty!

Current Champions
Complete listing of all reigning WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO champions, as well as their career won-lost records. From your About.com Boxing Guide.

Top 25 Prospects Under 25
Top 25 Prospects Under 25

101 Greatest Boxing Nicknames
Boxers tend to have the best nicknames in sports. Here are 101 of the greatest nicknames in boxing history.

Incredible Expanding Fighters
Boxers tend to gain weight over the course of their careers. James Toney is a prime example. Compare Toney's weight gain to other notable fighters whose weights have fluctuated widely during their ring careers.

Boxing Awards
Annual boxing awards.

Mike Tyson
Fight-by-fight career record for Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson Timeline
Mike Tyson Timeline

Muhammad Ali
Fight-by-fight career record for Muhammad Ali.

Carl Froch - Arguably Now One Of The Best UK Fighters Ever?
Carl Froch

Tyson vs Ali - Who Would Have Won In Their Prime?
Ali vs Tyson

Deontay Wilder - A World Champion In Waiting
Deontay Wilder - A World Champion In Waiting

Wladimir vs Vitali Klitschko - Who Would Have Won?
Wladimir vs Vitali Klitschko

Guillermo Rigondeaux - Pound For Pound One Of The Best
Guillermox Rigondeaux

The Stagnation Of Andre Ward
The Stagnation Of Andre Ward

Arturo Gatti - The Ultimate Warrior
Arturo Gatti - The Ultimate Warrior

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