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Learn to Box - Boxing Lessons for Beginner through Advanced Levels


Pictures say a thousand words, especially when you're trying to learn a sport. Check out the following valuable resources, which provide easy introductions for beginners as well as valuable tips for advanced boxers.
  • Safety Injuries and prevention tips for boxers. From USABoxing.org

  • How to Find a Good Boxing Gym Tips on finding the boxing gym in your area that is right for you. From Boxingyms.com

  • How to Find a Good Boxing Trainer How to go about finding a boxing trainer for your ability level. From BoxingGyms.com

  • Hand Wraps Illustrated instructions on how to wrap your hands to avoid injury. From BoxingGyms.com

  • Basic Boxing Guidelines United States Military Academy's Intramural Boxing Handbook. Lots of good instructional information. 50 pages. From USMA.edu

  • Boxing Technique Illustrated basics on various stances, punches and defensive styles. From wikipedia.org

  • Jump Rope Training Getting started, skipping styles and assorted workouts. Includes instructional video. From RossBoxing.com

  • Heavy Bag Training Assorted heavy bag workouts. Includes instructional video. From RossBoxing.com

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