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Greatest Moments in Olympic Boxing History


Everyone will have a different list, but here are a half-dozen of the greatest moments in Olympic boxing history (in chronological order):

1. St. Louis, 1904: Oliver Kirk wins the bantamweight and featherweight divisions to become the only fighter to win two titles at a single Games. Note: The sweet science made its Olympic debut at the 1904 Games, with the United States winning all seven Golds and 19 of the 21 total medals available.

2. Melbourne, 1956: Southpaw Laszlo Papp became the first man to win three Olympic boxing titles (Cubans Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon later joined the club). Papp won at middleweight in 1948 and earned Gold at light middleweight in 1952 and 1956.

3. Rome, 1960: The world was introduced to a brash 18-year-old named Cassius Clay at the 1960 Games. But winning the light heavyweight Gold medal was only the beginning. After turning pro, Clay would change his name to Muhammad Ali and become the most recognized man on the planet.

4. Tokyo, 1964: Heavyweight Buster Mathis qualified to represent the U.S. at 1964 Games but was forced to withdraw with a broken knuckle. Mathis' misfortune opened the door for Joe Frazier, who went on to win the only Gold for the U.S. at those Olympics. Frazier edged West Germany's Hans Huber in the final despite fighting with a broken hand.

5. Mexico City, 1968: George Foreman didn't have much amateur experience but that didn't stop him from qualifying for the U.S. team. At the Games, the 19-year-old Foreman won the heavyweight Gold medal and then won hearts by parading around the ring with a tiny American flag.

6. Montreal, 1976: The U.S., fielding one it of its greatest teams, won five Gold medals. Sugar Ray Leonard, fighting with photos of his girlfriend and young son pinned to his socks, won at light welterweight and then did what he would do numerous times as a pro: RETIRE! Brothers Michael Spinks and Leon Spinks won Gold at middleweight and light heavyweight. Leo Randolph and Howard Davis Jr. also brought home the Gold for the U.S at the 1976 Games.

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