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Humor / Trivia

Boxing humor and jokes intended to make boxing fans laugh -- often at Mike Tyson's expense. Also, put your boxing knowledge to the test with boxing trivia and quizzes.
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  2. Trivia / Quizzes (11)

101 Greatest Boxing Nicknames
Boxers tend to have the best nicknames in sports. Here are 101 of the greatest nicknames in boxing history.

Boxing Awards
Annual boxing awards from Ring Magazine and the Boxing Writers' Association of America. Plus, list of all enshrinees at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Boxing Polls
Who would win . . . ? Who was the greatest . . . ? A collection of boxing polls.

Boxing by the Numbers
This page collects boxing records, facts, quotes and various "best of" lists from other sources. Worth a look. From Boxing Wise.

Boxing by the Numbers, Part 2
More boxing records, facts, quotes and various "best of" lists from the good folks at Boxing Wise.

Boxing Humor
Boxing jokes, humour and comedy from SportsJokes.co.uk.

Boxing Trivia and Fun Stories
Collection of facts and anecdotes from Jeff's World Boxing Page. Continued on second and third page.

Boxing Trivia Questions
10 boxing trivia questions from the Phoenixville, PA PAL.

Boxing Trivia Quiz
Ten questions to test your boxing knowledge.

Boxing Trivia Quiz
Collection of boxing trivia and quizzes from FunTrivia.com.

Boxing Trivia
Somewhat dated, not to mention random, list of boxing facts and info.

Boxing Video Clips
Collection of unusual boxing clips from eBaumsWorld.com.

Boxing Video Clips
Collection of unusual boxing video clips from BoreMe.com.

Proposed Nicknames for Older Fighters
The nicknames of aging fighters don't seem to fit anymore so CyberBoxingZone's Barry Lindenman has come up with some new nicknames that reflect the erosion of their once great skills.

Women Boxing Archive Network - Trivia
A collection of interesting stories and things you probably didn't know about women's boxing.

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