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At the root of all that is wrong with boxing? Or a necessary evil? In any case, here they are.

World Boxing Association
Official site of the WBA: press releases, rankings, results, calendar and archives.

World Boxing Council
Official site of the WBC: schedule, results, ratings and history of Don King/Jose Sulaiman's organization.

International Boxing Federation
Virtually nothing of interest at IBF/United States Boxing Association site.

World Boxing Organization
Official site of the WBO: recent and upcoming bouts, constitution, by-laws, regulations, fighter of the month. Oddly, you must register to receive their rankings.

American Association for the Improvement of Boxing
Established in 1965 by Rocky Marciano and Steve Acunto, the AAIB works to 'improve the image of the sport, aid in the welfare and safety of its participants and provide a means for young people to improve their self-image'.

American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians
Established in 1997, the AAPRP was created to 'develop medical protocols and guidelines to insure the safety and protection of professional boxers'.

Canadian Professional Boxing Federation
Events, profiles, ratings and rules and safety codes governing professional boxing in Canada.

European Boxing Union
Marginal alphabet organiziation.

International Boxing Association
Site features the IBA champions, IBA ratings, IBA upcoming events, IBA photo galleries and IBA news. As if anyone really needs ALL that info on the IBA.

International Boxing Organization
IBO claims to "use independent objective computerized ratings". Title belt is meaningless but ratings are worth a look.

International Boxing Union
Nothing here worth your while.

Nevada Athletic Commission
Licensing info, regulations, telephone directory, schedule of events, medical advisory board info and listing of area gyms.

North American Boxing Federation
Regional organization affiliated with the World Boxing Council (WBC) maintains a fairly decent site.

Retired Boxers Foundation
Site developed to publicize the Retired Boxers Foundation, a non-profit organization, and make information available to all interested persons.

World Boxing Federation
Founded in 1988 in Bristol, Tennessee. Alexander Jakob is the WBF heavyweight champ. You do the math.

World Boxing Union
London-based sanctioning organization. All you need to know is that, as of this writing, the WBU light heavyweight champion is Tony Oakey -- not Roy Jones Jr.

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