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Promoters / Promotions

Sure some promoters are crooks, but without them there wouldn't be any fights.

Banner Promotions
Art Pelullo founded Banner Promotions in 1987 and currently promotes Otis Grant, Antwun Echols and Terrance Cauthen.

Cedric Kushner Promotions
Promoter of Shane Mosley, Angel Manfredy and the Heavyweight Explosion series. Site includes a list of upcoming bouts, ticket info and a roster of fighters currently promoted by CKP.

Classic Entertainment & Sports
Jimmy Burchfield's Rhode Island-based company promotes native son Vinny Pazienza.

DiBella Entertainment
Lou DiBella's company represents Jermain Taylor, Ricardo Williams, Brian Viloria and others.

Don King Productions
News, events and more on Don 'Only in America' King's shrinking, yet still impressive, stable of fighters.

Forum Boxing
Info on upcoming events at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, plus a look back at significant fight dates in the Forum's past.

Kronk Boxing
Official site for Detroit's world famous gym and its legendary trainer Emanuel Steward.

Main Events
Dino Duva's Main Events boasts an impressive stable of boxers, including Whitaker, Golota, Lewis, Moorer, Quartey, Vargas, Judah, Tua and Michael Grant.

Michael Buffer
Official site for 'the world's premier sports and entertainment announcer'. Certainly not the most humble. Believe it or not, site includes Buffer's clothing line and upcoming schedule.

Rough N' Rowdy Brawl
The RNR Brawl is a series of two-night, single-elimination off-the-street boxing contests. Kind of a variation on the toughman concept.

Top Rank Online
Many areas still under construction; site is badly in need of an update.

The Future Of Golden Boy Promotions
The Future Of Golden Boy Promotions

The Clout, Mystery and Power of Al Haymon Continues To Grow
Al Haymon

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