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Mike Tyson Timeline (Part 3 of 5)


Mike Tyson Fight-by-Fight Career Record

Mike Tyson - Photo Gallery - 1986-1989

Aug. 31, 1998 - Tyson's Mercedes is rear-ended in Gaithersburg, Maryland. According to subsequent lawsuits, Tyson kicked one driver in the groin and punched another in the face before being restrained by his own bodyguards.

Sept. 2, 1998 - Richard Hardick filed an assault charge against Tyson. Hardick says he was kicked in the groin by Tyson after his car rear-ended a Mercedes driven by Tyson's wife, Monica, on Aug. 31.

Sept. 3, 1998 - Abmielec Saucedo filed a criminal assault against Tyson claiming Tyson punched him in the face as Saucedo talked with another driver following the accident of Aug. 31.

Oct. 13, 1998 - The psychiatric report of Tyson is released. According to doctors who examined him for five days, the report states Tyson is depressed and lacks self-esteem, but is mentally fit to return to boxing. The psychiatrists believe Tyson most likely won't "snap" again as he did when he bit Holyfield.

Oct. 19, 1998 - The Nevada Athletic Commission voted 4-1 to restore Tyson's boxing license, with the lone holdout commissioner James Nave.

Oct. 1998 - "I know I'm going to blow one day ... My life is doomed the way it is. I have no future. I feel bad about my outlook, how I feel about people and society, and that I'll never be part of society the way I should."

Oct. 1998 - "A lot of young women don't know what they're getting themselves into. A lot of them think it's fun, a game ... But they truly don't know what they're into when they lock themselves into a room and engage in sex with a man who knows how to handle a woman."

Nov. 1998 - "I think I'll take a bath in his blood."

Dec. 1, 1998 - Tyson pleads no contest to misdemeanor assault for kicking and punching two motorists involved in the Aug. 31 auto accident in Maryland.

Dec. 1998 - "I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."

Dec. 1998 - "The one thing I know, everyone respects the true person and everyone's not true with themselves. All of these people who are heroes, these guys who have been lily white and clean all their lives, if they went through what I went through, they would commit suicide. They don't have the heart that I have. I've lived places they can't defecate in."

Jan. 11, 1999 - "I could sell out Madison Square Garden masturbating."

Jan. 16, 1999 - Tyson knocked out Francois Botha in the fifth round. Tyson admitted to trying to break Botha's arm during the fight

Feb. 5, 1999 - Tyson sentenced to two concurrent two-year sentences for assaulting two motorists after a traffic accident in 1998. Judge Stephen Johnson suspended all but one year of jail time. Tyson was also fined $5,000 and sentenced to two years' probation after his release from jail. The decision could lead to more jail time for violating parole in Indiana.

Feb. 20, 1999 - Tyson was put in an isolation cell after a disturbance at the Montgomery County Detention Center. Several TV stations in Washington reported that Tyson became upset, either in his cell or a break room, and threw a television set. The set narrowly missed jail guards, and there were no injuries. It was later reported that Tyson was taken off anti-depressants two days previous to this incident.

Feb. 26, 1999 - Tyson was allowed to step out of solitary confinement today and won back his privileges following an appeal of a disciplinary ruling, his lawyer said. Paul Kemp said tyson's punishment for throwing a television in a recreation room in jail on Feb. 19 "was reduced to time served and he was restored to regular privileges".

Oct. 23, 1999 - In bout with Orlin Norris, Tyson hit Norris after the bell in the first round and the fight is declared a No Contest.

Nov. 18, 1999 - Members of 24-Carat Ferret Rescue arrive at boxer Tyson's estate in Las Vegas, where they take possession of two ferrets starving to death.

Dec. 10, 1999 - Authorities say they won't charge Tyson with neglecting two ferrets at his Las Vegas home mostly because they don't know who was supposed to be taking care of the animals.

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