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Manny Pacquiao - Miguel Cotto: Round-by-Round

November 14, 2009 - Las Vegas, Nevada


Updated November 15, 2009
Round-by-round coverage, scoring and punch stats of the November 14, 2009 bout between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pre-fight: The undercard - which was terrible - is finally over so it's time for the main event. Celebrities in attendance include Derek Jeter, Magic Johnson and Will Ferrell. As Pacquiao makes his way to the ring, he couldn't look happier or more relaxed. Cotto, in contrast, is all business. The crowd is more vocal in support of Cotto.

Round One: Good round for Cotto, who throws hard, straight punches which move Pacquiao back when they land. Cotto 10-9

Round Two: Great action over the second half of round two with Pacquiao beginning to throw combinations. Some of his punches are landing but, so far, are having no effect on Cotto. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Three: Pacquaio knocks Cotto down 45 seconds into the round with an overhand right. Cotto is not badly hurt and counters well for the remainder of the round. Pacquiao 10-8

Round Four: Cotto was having a very solid round for two-plus minutes, with Pacquaio taking a breather on the ropes at one point. Then, in the last 30 seconds of the round, Pacquaio suddenly unleashed a series of combinations and dropped Cotto with a huge left. Cotto easily beats the count but this time he was hurt. Pacquiao 10-8

Round Five: Good bounce-back round for Cotto as he lands a good uppercut and, later in the round, a solid left which seems to wobble Pacquiao very briefly. Cotto 10-9

Round Six: Cotto lands some good single shots but Pacquaio throws and lands with combinations. Cotto is weakening but still dangerous. Cotto is almost dropped with a straight left with ten seconds to go in the rounds but comes back with a great left-right at the bell. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Seven: The face of Cotto is beginning to show a lot of damage. Cotto spends most of the round on his toes, looking for something that might prove more effective against Pacquiao, who still looks fresh. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Eight: The HBO announcers are talking about Cotto as if he's already conceded but he's still in their fighting. He's losing but there's no quit in him. Pacquaio is just too much for him to handle. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Nine: Cotto continues to dance and Pacquaio continues to chase and land punches. At one point referee Kenny Bayless looks at Cotto as if he's considering stopping the fight but Cotto winks as if to indicate he's OK. His face is a bloody mess at this point but he's not surrendering. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Ten: A relatively low-action round as Cotto retreats and Pacquaio takes a breather. Pacquiao 10-9

Round Eleven: Cotto is in full-retreat mode and Pacquiao appears to be losing interest in chasing him around the ring in search of a knockout. Cotto's goal is no longer to win, it's to make it to the final bell. Pacquaio 10-9

Round Twelve: Cotto's corner almost stops the fight between rounds but sends him out for the 12th. From the start of the round, referee Kenny Bayless is watching carefully, looking for any excuse to stop the fight. As soon as Pacquiao lands a solid left-right, Bayliss jumps in and saves Cotto from any further punishment with 2:05 left to go in the fight.

Unofficial scores: 108-99 through eleven complete rounds.

Official scores: 109-100 and 108-99 twice through eleven complete rounds.

Punch Stats: Total Punches: Pacquiao - 336 of 780 (43%); Cotto - 172 of 597 (29%). Total Power Punches: Pacquiao - 276 of 560 (49%); Cotto - 93 of 300 (31%).

Post-Fight: Pacquiao is clearly pleased with his performance. He's respectful towards Cotto but doesn't take Larry Merchant's bait to call out Floyd Mayweather[/link url]. Pacquiao says he's going on vacation and will leave that up to promoter Bob Arum. Trainer Freddie Roach knows who he wants to fight next: "The whole world wants to see him fight Mayweather, I want Mayweather".

A classy Cotto stuck around for his post-fight interview. No glasses to hide his swollen face. No excuses for losing. He agreed with Merchant's assessment that Pacquiao's ability to punch from angles he couldn't see made the difference in the fight. Cotto called Pacquiao one of the best boxers of all-time. Cotto also said he will continue to fight.

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