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Follow the Fights - Everything You Need to Know About Boxing


Latest boxing news, complete results and schedule of upcoming fights. Current rankings and world champions for every weight and every rating organizaton. Amateur and Olympic Boxing. Women's boxing. Boxing odds, predictions and information on how to wager on boxing. Find a boxing gym near you.
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  1. Rules & Scoring
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News, Rumors, Gossip & Opinion

Fight fans are an opinionated bunch ... and we mean that in a good way! We'll try to not only tell you what's going on, but also share our insights and analysis. In return, we'd love to have you comment with your feedback and opinions.

Schedule & Results

The mainstream press is little help if you're a true fight fan. We've got a detailed schedule of upcoming bouts as well as the latest results from around the world.

Rankings & Champions

Four 'recognized' champions in each of 17 weight divisions means as many as 68 different beltholders! No wonder there's so much confusion in the sport of boxing. We'll help you keep track of who holds which belts and - more importantly - provide objective ratings so you'll know which fighters really are the best.


Love it or hate it, women's boxing is here to stay.

Rules & Scoring

Everyone knows who won when a fight ends by knock out, but what exactly happens when a fight goes the distance? We'll tell you everything you need to know about boxing rules and how to score a fight.

Organizations & Promoters

Conventional wisdom says that boxing promoters and rating organizations are generally corrupt and behind most of what's wrong with the sport. Unfortunately, however, they are a necessary evil as nothing gets done without them.

Gyms & Clubs

Want to become a boxer? Or are you just looking for a great work out? Either way, we'll help you find a boxing gym near you.


Betting on the fights is big business. Learn all about wagering on boxing before placing your bet. We'll also direct you to odds on upcoming bouts.

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