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Boxing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 50 Greatest Boxers of All Time
ESPN.com recently listed their 50 Greatest Boxers of All-Time. What do you think of the list? What would you change?
Meet Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Fight-by-fight career record for Floyd Mayweather Jr.
A Fight-by-Fight Look at Boxing Great Manny...
Fight-by-fight career record for Manny Pacquiao.
101 Best Boxing Nicknames
Boxers tend to have the best nicknames in sports. Here are 101 of the greatest nicknames in boxing history.
Boxing Results
Latest boxing results from around the world. Boxing results for both major title bouts as well as smaller regional fights.
The 100 All-Time Best Punchers in Boxing
In 2003, Ring Magazine published its ranking of the 100 greatest punchers of all-time. The list was selected by the writers or Ring Magazine.
Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2015 - Is Path Finally...
After an emphatic victory at the weekend by Manny Pacquiao, are the stars finally aligned for an epic Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2015 showdown?
Are These Really the 80 Best Boxers Ever?
In 2002, Ring Magazine published its ranking of the 80 best fighters of the last 80 years. The list was selected by the writers or Ring Magazine.
What Was Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali's Career...
Fight-by-fight career record for Muhammad Ali.
Mike Tyson Timeline
Mike Tyson Timeline. Boxing.
Boxing Schedule From 2013
Complete boxing schedule of upcoming fights. Check boxing schedule for updates.
Meet Boxing Legend Mike Tyson
Fight-by-fight career record for Mike Tyson. Info on every fight in pro career of Mike Tyson.
Pacquiao vs Algieri - An Early Look Ahead
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Top 50 Heavyweights
Current ranking of the top 50 heavyweight boxers in the world today.
My Top 5 Biggest Punchers Of All Time
About.com boxing expert Niall Doran talks about the most concussive individuals who ever walked the face of the boxing Earth since times began
Top 50 Boxers Pound-For-Pound
A pound-for-pound ranking of the top fifty fighters in boxing today.
Sugar Ray Leonard
The fight-by-fight career record for boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, who fought in over thirty boxing matches from 1977 to 1997.
Meet Boxing Superstar Oscar De La Hoya
Fight-by-fight career record for Oscar De La Hoya.
George Foreman
Fight-by-fight career record for George Foreman.
How Does One Become an Olympic Boxer?
The Olympic Track - How Do I Become An Olympic Boxer
Wladimir vs Vitali Klitschko - Who Would Have...
About.com boxing expert Niall Doran has a look at what he thinks would have happened if Wladimir vs Vitali Klitschko ever actually took place
Rocky Marciano
Fight-by-fight career record for Rocky Marciano.
Top Pay-Per-View Events in Boxing History
The Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight has smashed all previous pay-per-view records. The Golden Boy is now boxing's all-time highest grossing PPV attraction.
What Are the Rules of Boxing, Anyway?
Get explanations about the rules and laws of the Olympic sport of boxing, and learn about the role of the judges and officials in table tennis.
Guillermo Rigondeaux - Pound For Pound One Of...
About.com boxing Expert Niall Doran talks about one of the best fighters of the modern era - Guillermox “El Chacal” Rigondeaux
Everything You Need to Know About Betting on...
Wagering is accepted on most major bouts held throughout the world. General wagering rules for betting the money odds and betting total rounds.
Top 5 Boxing Mind Games Merchants Of All Time
Niall Doran lists his top boxing mind games experts ever, fighters who leveraged the power of the mind against their opponents like no other
A Look Back At The Unique James Toney Style
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Boxing Champions
Current world boxing champions as recognized by the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO. Boxing champions in all seventeen weight categories.
Lennox Lewis
Fight-by-fight career record for Lennox Lewis.
Erik Morales
Fight-by-fight career record for Erik Morales.
11 Historical Inaccuracies in 'The Fighter'
In terms of entertainment value and quality acting, The Fighter will likely earn multiple Academy Award nominations. However, in terms of historical accuracy, the filmmakers took numerous liberties. We take a look at at historical inconsistencies in The Fighter.
Vernon Forrest
Fight-by-fight career record for Vernon Forrest.
My Top 5 Fastest Fighters Of All Time - Pound...
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A Fight-by-Fight Look at Roberto Duran's Boxing...
Fight-by-fight career record for Roberto Duran.
Larry Holmes
Fight-by-fight career record for Larry Holmes.
Wladimir Klitschko
Fight-by-fight career record for Wladimir Klitschko.
Best Boxing Movies A to Z
Boxing Movies - List of Boxing Movies - Alphabetical
Miguel Cotto
Fight-by-fight career record for Miguel Cotto.
Boxing Stats: See Roy Jones Jr.'s Fight-by-Figh...
Fight-by-fight career record for Roy Jones Jr.
Leon Spinks from 1976 Summer Olympics
Do you ever wonder what happened to Leon Spinks of Olympic Boxing fame? Find out where Leon Spinks is now.
Boxers of the Past / Retired Fighters
Bios and fight-by-fight records of retired fighters and great boxers of the past.
Boxing's Lineal Heavyweight Champions
Listing of every lineal heavyweight champion in boxing history, from 1876 to the present.
Michael Spinks from 1976 Summer Olympics
Do you ever wonder what happened to Michael Spinks of Olympic Boxing fame? Find out where Michael Spinks is now.
Some Of The Best Fights That Never Happened
It's always gutting when good fights don't happen! Niall Doran look's back at some of the best fights that never happened in boxing
Vitali Klitschko
Fight-by-fight career record for Vitali Klitschko.
Amateur Boxing Rules
Amateur Boxing Rules, Article VII, Section 107.6 - Judges.
Juan Manuel Marquez
Fight-by-fight career record for Juan Manuel Marquez.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Amateur Highlights
Amateur boxing highlights for Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Joe Frazier
Fight-by-fight career record for Joe Frazier.
Top 10 Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time
Boxing Expert Niall Doran's take on the Top 10 Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time, as he chronicles some of the sport's greatest big men
Boxers of the Past
Bios and fight-by-fight records of great boxers of the past.
Boxing News: Jabs, Hooks & Uppercuts
A review of the latest news in the world of boxing from your Boxing Guide.
Carl Froch - Arguably Now One Of The Best UK...
About.com boxing expert Niall Doran discusses where Carl Froch stands among the all time greats in UK boxing history and looks back at a remarkable career thus far
Marvelous Marvin Hagler
Fight-by-fight career record for Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
Laila Ali
Fight-by-fight career record for Laila Ali.
Olympic Boxing Champions
Olympic boxing Gold medal winners for every weight class.
Boxing Movies
A list of more than a hundred boxing-themed movies, arranged chronologically, from Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph to The Fighter.
50 Most Exciting Boxers of the Past 50 Years
Our list of the 50 Most Exciting Boxers of the Past 50 Years. This is not a pound-for-pound list. These are not necessarily the most talented or accomplished boxers, but the most crowd pleasing. The fighters who made every fight a must see fight.
Undefeated Records in Boxing
An undefeated record in boxing is undoubtedly impressive, but it can also be misleading. We examine the careers of four modern fighters who retired having won every single fight of their professional career. All four have questions surrounding their undefeated marks.
Evander Holyfield
Fight-by-fight career record for Evander Holyfield.
My Top 10 Pound For Pound Best Fighters Of All...
About.com expert Niall Doran discusses probably the toughest pugilistic debate of them all - the top 10 pound for pound best fighters of all time
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1976
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1976: palmer park md michael spinks leon spinks olympic boxing lee armstrong
Learn to Box - Boxing Lessons for Beginner...
Collection of resources that provide easy introductions for beginners as well as valuable tips for advanced boxers.
Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know...
Olympic Boxing – Get Inside Olympic Boxing - London 2012
Check Out Boxer Marcos Maidana's Year-by-Year...
Fight-by-fight career record for Marcos Maidana.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1984
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1984: mark breland olympic boxing virgil hill frank tate boxing team
Before You Boxing Equipment / Gear
What you need to know before you buy boxing equipment/gear.
Marco Antonio Barrera
Fight-by-fight career record for Marco Antonio Barrera.
Mike Tyson - Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of Mike Tyson from 1986 to 1989.
Bernard Hopkins
Fight-by-fight career record for Bernard Hopkins.
The Boxing Cutman - Underrated But Vitally...
The Boxing Cutman could be one of the most underestimated people involved in the sport, Niall Doran discusses this unsung hero's importance
Marquez Puts Pacquiao to Sleep in Six
In the fourth meeting between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, Marquez dropped Pacquiao with a big right hand in round three and then knocked him out cold at the end of round six with a perfect counter right. The ending shocked the sell out crowd of 16,348 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Prince Naseem Hamed
Fight-by-fight career record for Prince Naseem Hamed.
Arturo Gatti - The Ultimate Warrior
About.com boxing expert Niall Doran looks back on a career of a man who was arguably the bravest boxer ever. Arturo Gatti - The Ultimate Warrior
Shannon Briggs
Fight-by-fight career record for Shannon Briggs.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1992
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1992: danell nicholson oscar de la hoya olympic boxing navy virginia raul marquez
Prince Naseem Hamed - One Of Boxing's Greatest...
Prince Naseem Hamed was one of the best boxing entertainers ever. Niall Doran questions why he has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame yet
Tommy Morrison
Fight-by-fight career record for Tommy Morrison. Tommy Morrison appeared in Rocky V and retired from boxing after testing HIV-positive.
Thomas Hearns
Fight-by-fight career record for Thomas Hearns.
Boxing's Best of the Century
The AP has selected their fighters of the century. Now you can select your own.
Boxers Who Also Played Other Pro Sports
List of professional boxers who also competed professionally in other sports.
Shane Mosley
Fight-by-fight career record for Shane Mosley.
Andre Ward
Fight-by-fight career record for Andre Ward.
A Prime De La Hoya vs Mayweather - Who Would...
Although the two did finally box with Mayweather winning a razor thin decision, how would a prime De La Hoya vs Mayweather have went down?
Where Are Your Favorite Boxing Olympians Now?
As the Olympics approach, you may be wondering what happened to your favorite boxing stars of previous Olympic games. Where are they now?
What Is Olympic Boxing?
What is Olympic boxing? It is one of the oldest and most popular Summer Olympic sports.
Canelo vs Cotto - A Potential Mexico vs Puerto...
With steam gathering for a potential mega fight next years involving Canelo vs Cotto, Niall Doran discusses what could be a fight for the ages
Olympics - Heavyweights
Olympics - Heavyweights. Boxing.
Ken Norton
Fight-by-fight career record for Ken Norton.
Ricardo Mayorga
Fight-by-fight career record for Ricardo Mayorga.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1988
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1988: michael carbajal andrew maynard ellenwood ga olympic boxing phoenix ariz
Active Boxers
Fight-by-fight records of active boxing champions and contenders.
Timothy Bradley
Fight-by-fight career record for boxer Victor Ortiz.
Lamont Peterson
Fight-by-fight career record for Lamont Peterson.
Top 20 Best Boxing Quotes Of All Time
The sport of boxing is a story best told by those within it. Here's a look at some of the best boxing quotes of all time in the noble art
Chat - Boxing
Meeting place for discussing Boxing.
Amateur Boxing Rules (page 2)
Amateur Boxing Rules. Page 2.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1972
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1972: duane bobick olympic boxing marvin johnson lee armstrong boxing team
An Illustrated History of Boxing
An Illustrated History of Boxing
Brandon Rios
Fight-by-fight career record for Brandon Rios.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1980
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1980: richard sandoval olympic boxing jackie beard moscow ussr nashville tenn
Victor Ortiz
Fight-by-fight career record for boxer Victor Ortiz.
Ricky Hatton
Fight-by-fight career record for Ricky Hatton.
Olympics - Light Heavyweights
Olympics - Light Heavyweights: andrew maynard olympic boxing leon spinks light heavyweights cassius clay
The Bizarre Antics Of Shannon Briggs
Shannon Briggs' terror spree on heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko continued again recently with more bizarre antics, is he cracking up?
Amateur Boxing Rules (page 3)
Amateur Boxing Rules. Page 3.
Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev - An Early...
With news breaking that Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev is actually now going to happen on Nov 8th - we take an early look ahead!
Alex Ariza - The Controversial Boxing Fitness...
Alex Ariza has to be one boxing's most controversial and colorful characters in recent years, Niall Doran discusses the career of the fitness guru
Oscar De La Hoya - Amateur Highlights
Amateur boxing highlights for Oscar De La Hoya.
Riddick Bowe
Fight-by-fight career record for Riddick Bowe.
Manny Pacquiao - Shane Mosley: Round-by-Round
Round-by-round coverage and unofficial scoring of the May 7, 2011 bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hasim Rahman
Fight-by-fight career record for Hasim Rahman.
Top Live Gates in Boxing History
The liva gate of $19 million for Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather breaks the Nevada record of $16.8 million for the 1999 Lennox Lewis - Evander Holyfield bout (which still holds the record for live gate when adjusted for inflation).
Why These Controversies Are the Top 5 in...
Biggest Controversies in Olympic Boxing History
Antonio Margarito
Fight-by-fight career record for Antonio Margarito.
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1968
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1968: olympic boxing boxing team john baldwin marshall texas alfred jones
Amateur Boxing Rules (part 4)
Amateur Boxing Rules. Page 4.
David Tua
Fight-by-fight career record for David Tua.
Olympics - Light Middleweights
Olympics - Light Middleweights: laszlo papp olympic boxing armando martinez hungary 1956 frank tate
Arturo Gatti
Fight-by-fight career record for Arturo Gatti.
James Toney
Fight-by-fight career record for James Toney.
Joe Calzaghe
Fight-by-fight career record for Joe Calzaghe.
Olympics - Super Heavyweights
Olympics - Super Heavyweights: wladimir klitschko olympic boxing audley harrison alexander povetkin boxing champions
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1960
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1960: robstown texas olympic boxing jerry armstrong cassius clay boxing team
Teofilo Stevenson from 1972, 1976 and 1980...
Do you ever wonder what happened to Teofilo Stevenson of Olympic Boxing fame? Find out where Teofilo Stevenson is now.
Andrew Golota
Fight-by-fight career record for Andrew Golota.
Olympics - Middleweights
Olympics - Middleweights: carmen barth laszlo papp ariel hernandez michael spinks olympic boxing
Anthony Joshua - The Future Of The Heavyweight...
With another crushing KO victory recently, Niall Doran looks at the rapid rise in the last year of UK heavyweight sensation Anthony Joshua
Amir Khan
Fight-by-fight career record for Amir Khan.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Juan Manuel Marquez:...
Round-by-round coverage, scoring and ounch stats of the Sept. 19, 2009 bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Calzaghe Bloodies, Batters Roy Jones
Light heavyweight Joe Calzaghe remained undefeated with a one-sided beating of Roy Jones Jr. at Madison Square Garden. The crowd 14,152 included many fans from Wales who made Calzaghe feel right at home in his first fight in New York.
Olympics - Lightweights
Olympics - Lightweights: jan szczepanski carlo orlandi oscar de la hoya olympic boxing pernell whitaker
Showtime Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament
Showtime Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament
Academy Award Winning Boxing Movies
Boxing Movies - Academy Award Winners
Sergio Martinez
Fight-by-fight career record for Sergio Martinez.
Preview: Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao
Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao are scheduled to fight on March 19 in one of the most widely anticipated bouts of 2005. Check here for preview and prediction for Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao.
Olympics - Welterweights
Olympics - Welterweights: mark breland michael carruth bert schneider olympic boxing cuba 1976
Danny Garcia
Fight-by-fight career record for boxer Danny Garcia.
Kevin McBride
Fight-by-fight career record for Kevin McBride.: belfast northern ireland upper marlboro md roger mckenzie steve garber louis monaco
Felix Trinidad
Fight-by-fight career record for Felix Trinidad.
Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year.
Kostya Tszyu
Fight-by-fight career record for Kostya Tszyu.
Jose Luis Castillo
Fight-by-fight career record for Jose Luis Castillo.
Ronald Winky Wright
Fight-by-fight career record for Ronald Winky Wright.
Ricardo Lopez
Fight-by-fight career record for Ricardo Lopez.: naucalpan mexico cuernavaca mexico javier juarez nezahualcoyotl mexico zacatecas mexico
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1964
Olympics - U.S. Boxing Team - 1964: bob carmody olympic boxing toby gibson joe frazier boxing team
Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno Do Battle
Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno go at each other in the center of the ring in their Feb. 25, 1989 title fight. Page 20.
Fernando Vargas
Fight-by-fight career record for Fernando Vargas.
Top 5 Guide Picks - Top Boxing Documentaries
Top picks for boxing documentaries.
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