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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of Ring Magazine's 100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time?

Responses: 139


Back in 2003, Ring Magazine published a ranking of the 100 greatest punchers of all-time, comparing fighters across different weight categories and different eras. An updated version of this list would surely include Manny Pacquaio ... but just how high would he rank? What else about the Ring rankings would you change? Who was left off? Who doesn't belong?


Foreman was the hardest puncher of all time. Pound for pound it's more complicated. And where's Archie Moore?
—Guest dan the man


Maybe Young Stribling should have atleast made the list... that guy, even being basically a skilled technician who preferred boxing over brawling, had an amazing 125 ko wins, 3rd of all time in this specific task. Just saying.
—Guest Youngun


What a joke of a list, James Toney they forgot him, Kostya the 1st person in 32 years to win all three belts.
—Guest Action man

James toney

What about James Toney? He was a knockout king from middle weight to heavy weight and knocking them out.
—Guest Jack

lot of clueless posters on here

Get this straight. This list is P4P, do any of you know the meaning of the term? Too many Tyson fanboys also who could not list 10 boxers if their life depended on it. We are talking about single shot hardest punchers, who could take out durable pro`s with ONE shot, lights out. Foreman,Louis at HW hit way harder than Tyson. FACT. Benn should be way higher, so should Julian Jackson.
—Guest MickyA

Aaron Pryor!!!

Aaron pryor had unbelievable punching power and great hand speed. Mass x Velocity=Force
—Guest hello

Nigel benn

Not a bad list but how can Nigel benn be at 91 when some of them fighters above have less knock outs ?
—Guest Brian

Vicious hitter

i think Edwin Valero should have been in there,as he knocked out everyone he faced
—Guest nobby

Old fight fan

The greatest knockout of all time was Rocky Marciano VS Jersey Joe. M R


Someone had a brain lapse. Arguello at 20 and A. Pryor never made the list really? One of the greatest KO percentages of all time. Arguello said he was never hit like Pryor hit him. Lethal uppercut. 87% KO percentage. Do your homework.
—Guest Flatbuzzded


guys, I am saying this as a huge Ali fan: why should he be in that list? maybe he could be between 90 and 100 ..but come on it is not a list about who the best boxer was... clearly Ali would be up there in the top 3 ( I see him ranked on numer 2 after sugar ray robinson). so stop being upset that he is not in the list of the best 100 punchers of all time. he just wasnt a puncher! so stop complaining !
—Guest phips


Why are Jack Johnson, Rocky and Dempsey so apparently under-rated?
—Guest Trevor Davies

its all relative

its very dificult to judge who are the best punchers of all time !we were not there to assess all of them
—Guest julio

we all know that!

we all know that, who is referred as greatest!!! I guess the list may be titled in this way... apart from Muhammed Ali, 100 best puchers of the world!!!
—Guest we all know!

Ali! Ali!

i think it has something to do with your magazine scandals in early 70's or something
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