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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of Ring Magazine's 100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time?

Responses: 119


Back in 2003, Ring Magazine published a ranking of the 100 greatest punchers of all-time, comparing fighters across different weight categories and different eras. An updated version of this list would surely include Manny Pacquaio ... but just how high would he rank? What else about the Ring rankings would you change? Who was left off? Who doesn't belong?

to the person who wrote tyson

Tyson had the power but not the speed ? dude you're an idiot . tyson should be in the top 3. when you can knock some one out in 6 sec of the 1st round you have power. he was always lighter and with a shorter reach than every one else. he had a nice jab and a straight and an uppercut and a hook. he was a top 3 puncher of all time. trinidad is also ranked too low. that man had heavyweight power. when he ko'ed you, he ended your career.
—Guest me

Missing the Obvious

81 wins and 5 losses, with 70 wins by knockout --and not even mentioned! Sean O'Grady lives on in the real world
—Guest John


People seem to forget about what a beast Tyson was in his prime. I think his character has altered people's memories of him back then. I don't like the guy but he was definitely one of the best heavyweight punchers ever. When he was fighting in his prime if he got on the inside then the fight was already over. That was how dangerous he was.He was a superstar back then for a reason. Because he was exciting to watch. His fights just didn't go the distance.
—Guest JW

Marciano should be higher

Marciano was well known for having knock out power in both arms. He once had his punching power measured on a ballistic pendulum at a US military installation. Scientist at the time already knew that for an uppercut to be strong enough to lift a man off his feet it had to have around 700 foot-pounds of energy behind it. When Marciano was tested he achieved a score of 925 foot-pounds while wearing 12oz gloves. He did this while being only 190lbs. Small even in his day for a heavyweight. When he fought Roland LaStarza and couldn't get past his guard he started to just hit his arms. After a few rounds LaStarza couldn't hold them up anymore. After the fight LaStarza said that covering up with your arms didn't help because everywhere he hit you he hurt you and after a while his arms were numb. Even the blood vessels in his arms were all busted. Many a boxer after fighting Marciano said that they had never been hit that hard before.
—Guest JW

Don't know half the boxers

I haven't heard of half the boxers mentioned in the top 100 hardest punchers of all time. I agree with Joe Louis as being the hardest puncher.
—Guest Tony

unjust rating

can't just believe Ali is not included in the list, this definitely shows that those who compiled the list are bereft of the idea of what boxing is.
—Guest ibraheem


They've carefully selected the best punchers of all time, but they will still have set up a rematch between chisora and vladimir klitschko.
—Guest Akeem Abibu

Greatest puncher

F*** you all in Ring Magazine, there is no doubt that you guys have problem with Ali because he humiliated you several times!!!
—Guest Alen


Whoever compiled this list must be getting their statistics from knitting monthly! You do know whoever lands more powerful punches leading to a win is the aim of boxing? Even Sam Langford at no 2 had 129 KO's v Joe Louis 57 KO's yet Louis is No1 Muhammad Ali is a legend for being a technical boxer and simply the greatest, maybe not a great puncher but he deserves some recognition. Mike Tyson at no 16 of 100 Greatest Punchers, come on no one has broken Tysons record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles 12 1st round KO's. If that's not a top puncher nothing is. 11. Sugar Ray Robinson 14. Rocky Marciano 33. Lennox Lewis 35. Marvin Hagler 39. Joe Frazier 77. Evander Holyfield 70. Donovan (Razor) Ruddock OH COME ON guys at least put away your knitting before compiling a list!
—Guest The_Joker


Naseem Hamed should definitely be in the top 15 at least. he punches harder than lennox lewis, apparently that's what emmanuel steward said when he was training naseem hamed and lennox lewis at the same time!!!!
—Guest seamore butts

Ali is right number one

How the hell is Ali not on the the list? He is right number one and where did you put Marciano? This guy is in the top 3 and many other mistakes, this list is absolute RUBBISH.
—Guest Jack hoferman


No way does Nas Hamed rank higher than Salvador Sanchez, he beat Gomez in a brawl!
—Guest Marco A.

pay attention

This is not about the best boxers, it's about the best punchers.
—Guest spikey Dave


Naseem ahead of Julio Cesar Chavez. Far from the truth.
—Guest Robert G. Nava

trendy rubbish

Your writers are trying to be too cool. Face it. For hand speed and accurate punching and for evasive technique and charisma, Ali is number one. In a different dimension. Sugar Ray Leonard was a good imitation.
—Guest ric pembrooke

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