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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of Our Heavyweight Top 50?

Responses: 54


The heavyweight division is boxing's undisputed glamour division ... but it's been a mess in recent years with multiple beltholders and few compelling match-ups. Nevertheless, we rank the top 50 heavyweight boxers in the world today. That's right, we don't at ten or twenty ... and trust us, the talent pool is most definitely not 50 deep. Let us know what you think about our rankings. Who's too high? Or doesn't belong on the list at all? And who's too low? Or missing entirely? Tell us what you think.


I working on one that can bring the belt to the USA not one you have listed can . My man is 6ft 7in. 84 in. Reach watch for me we are coming we have 19 KO in the amateurs thanks
—Guest Mr Bell


—Guest RAPH


Forrest gave a reporter a leg kick one time beacuse he was asked to. It was at 50%, and still fractured his femur. lol. That had to be a hell of a kick. Forrest is all class, and hilarious. I don't know how anyone could not like him.
—Guest HeJWmsrAwVEazS

Wilder is awesome

He will be the next champ. Arreola is also on the rise.
—Guest Say what

David price

David price is the best out there and in the next two years will destroy everyone in front of him, including the robotic klitschkos
—Guest Smithy

heavy weights

Why does George Foreman 111 not make the ranking? I've seen him fight...pretty Good
—Guest Dave

Power punchers Tua, Arreola & Guthrie

Great list. !!!!! 2013 should be a good year in this division. David Tua announced retirement but I think he will still fight. Chris Arreola will fight anyone. And he is very exciting to watch. And John Guthrie hasn't been in a fight in over ten years. If he still has his power I'd pay to watch him swat any of the top heavyweights. They will take him lightly because of his size. Only 5'11 I think. And once they taste his power they will probably be on their back or doubled over. No one currently goes to the body with the power Guthrie used to. But I doubt Guthrie will get matched with the top of the division. I think Arreola is our best hope. Looking forward to next year to see what happens.
—Guest Heavy hitting Hank

Top 10

I think pulev deserves a higher rating than he has been given. A fight between him and wlad would be interesting and one to get excited about. But for me David Price is the most exciting prospect, by 2014 he should be world champion. Not sure why Seth Mitchell is as high as 8, his CV is limited at the moment.
—Guest Samson

mike tyson

So painful that the likes of Tyson when he was 18 does not exist again, we wouldn't have been hearing boring fighter like Wladimir & Vitali! They Suck!
—Guest timmy_law

James Toney

James Toney is the most overrated heavyweight I have ever seen. He's a bum. Lost to Sam Peter twice. He's slow lazy and a fat slob - shouldn't be in the top 1000.
—Guest Boxing star

keep up your work but also listen to rea

keep up your work but also listen to reason. BoxRec always has been a largely VAST operation and I am not --judgeing-- your 'live' RATINGS a.t.t. but/ to view your "all" category is quite many "houls" in your cloth, fellows! Your most "bizare" -mistake- is to give Floyd Patterson such a lofty rating. I'll talk their for moments. Floyd Patterson is a 'unique' Champion. First ever to RETAKE Hvywt. title. look: man came up from middlewt. ranks into hvywt. look: he had an exceedingly --long-- career. He fought mostly everybody. HE WAS "LOVED"! His Era had his Signature on it, most definitly. AND, their are the double embarrassments against Liston. Coming up he lost vs Joey Maxium, a former lh. champ; he DID NOT give Ali a hard time, only -distance- Floyd may have "over achieved" in his --later career-- but, yet it did not add much to his legacy (unlike Evander Holyfield after Evander 1STx loss title). You are best allowing I talk to you what I KNOW plus ADD Other Historians.
—Guest John Wilkinson

Kirk Johnson?

Why is Kirk Johnson still ranked? his last fight was in 2010 against 3-23 record and that was coming off a four year layoff. He's been done for years.
—Guest Dan

remove the already beaten

the top guys that have a name have already laid the blueprint of how to lose. let's get some of the lesser known heavys up there in the rankings. the new blood. makes it more exciting and the klitchkos will have to be worried about the unknown. no more, chisora, haye, povetkin, helenius, adamek, etc. in with the new/unknown
—Guest theproof

Lost interest

I just hope another special boxer comes along to rejuvenate the heavyweight division.
—Guest paul

American heavyweight prospect

Surprised Joe Hanks isn't in the top 50, with a 16-0 (11kos) record and an amatuer background. Division and Klitschkos need US competition.
—Guest Terrible TC
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