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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of Our Heavyweight Top 50?

Responses: 42


The heavyweight division is boxing's undisputed glamour division ... but it's been a mess in recent years with multiple beltholders and few compelling match-ups. Nevertheless, we rank the top 50 heavyweight boxers in the world today. That's right, we don't at ten or twenty ... and trust us, the talent pool is most definitely not 50 deep. Let us know what you think about our rankings. Who's too high? Or doesn't belong on the list at all? And who's too low? Or missing entirely? Tell us what you think.

remove the already beaten

the top guys that have a name have already laid the blueprint of how to lose. let's get some of the lesser known heavys up there in the rankings. the new blood. makes it more exciting and the klitchkos will have to be worried about the unknown. no more, chisora, haye, povetkin, helenius, adamek, etc. in with the new/unknown
—Guest theproof

Lost interest

I just hope another special boxer comes along to rejuvenate the heavyweight division.
—Guest paul

American heavyweight prospect

Surprised Joe Hanks isn't in the top 50, with a 16-0 (11kos) record and an amatuer background. Division and Klitschkos need US competition.
—Guest Terrible TC

top 50 heavyweights

There are hardly ten heavyweights worth considering as champion divide that between the alphabet titles and you realise how poor the former flagship of boxing is.
—Guest mike wicks

Say What?

Do the Math!!! Manny has gone up what 4 weight classes and Mayweather Jr. has gone up how many??? Manny should not go up any weight classes as I believe his weight is appropriate for his age. Mayweather Jr. should be able to go up at a catch weight naturally. Yes-I believe Martinez would destroy both of them. Remember-Manny's not the one shooting off his mouth-he's the greatest ever--blah,blah as Mayweather does, and no he doesn't go around beating on women. So I go on record I'd pay to see him get his ass whipped-should'nt be allowed to fight-let him serve his time and I hope his roommate is a BIGGG stud who would like to do an anal checkup on him.
—Guest kenb.

Great list. Watch for John Guthrie

Maybe a little American heavy but a good list no doubt. By this time next year maybe John Guthrie from Texas will make your list. Rumors are the former Magee trained heavyweight is in serious training.
—Guest Big Ted

Potential Champ

Cuban born Mike Perez has the heart and ability to go all the way. So similar to Mike Tyson, hope he gets his chance! The Heavyweight division needs guys like this.
—Guest Mark Roberts


mike tyson-evander holyfield power puncher. ali most skilled fighter &puncher. joe frazier most toe to toe pressure fighter. larry holmes & george foreman & rocky marciano & joe louis.
—Guest mac


I think that it should be vitali 1 and wlad 2 because I'm pretty sure vitali is way better. he hasn't actually lost a fight because he still wanted to fight lennox lewis but the ref stopped it and he only lost to byrd due to shoulder injury by swinging too hard. oh well they're still both Ukrainians and they're awesome .
—Guest Vitali Tereshchenko

Tomasz Adamek deserves to be number 3

Tomasz Adamek fought people like Michael Ggrant and Arreola and really won. David Haye hasn't fought anybody. He shouldn't even be in the top 10.
—Guest michal

Good list, some improvements needed

1. Franklin Lawrence is missing, he's Top 15 2. Valuev has been inactive 2 years 3. Names you over-rate: Arreola (11-12 maybe, not top 10), Boystov (unproven, maybe 15th), Kevin Johnson, Liakovitch (not 20th, 30th maybe), Wilder (25th, come on?), Briggs and Toney (not top 50), Rahman, and Maskaev (still around?). It seems you overrate alot of older american heavyweights....a forgivable transgression in a cleaned out desert of a division.
—Guest dissent

Top 10

I think Povetkin derserves to be #3. Helenius hasn't faced elite opposition yet--only faded champs past their prime. I don't see the case for ranking Arreola so high. Top 5 1) Wlad 2) Vitali 3) Sascha 4) Haye 5) Helenius....then Chambers, Thompson, Adamek, Chagaev.......10th is a cross between Dimitrenko/Solis/Arreola.
—Guest anon

Keep the list up!!!

RODRIGUEZ? He has fought only bums. If you want true contenders, not rated in among the top 50 mentioned - i'd go for Amir Mansour (fresh out of prison), Edmund Gerber and Mail Scott (if he ever returns to the ring - complaining that no one wants to fight him, beginning to think he has chickened out...). But besides Helenius, Solis and maybe Mike Perez there's no one with the slightest chance to beat any of the Klitsckho bro's...
—Guest La Suede

heavyweight top 50

all these men in the top 50 but none of them will fight rogan. why is that?
—Guest joe mccorry


You guys are stupid, blind and unaware of facts. a bunch of has beens that will never be again and a couple of ignorant russians that haven't fought ANYBODY for years. A young up and coming heavyweight from el paso, texas called RODRIGUEZ is 35-0 with 33 KOs. WAKE up and smell the coffee. He's not even in your MAKE BELIEVE rankings!!!!!
—Guest Hocus-Pocus

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