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Boxing's Best of the Century

Dateline: 12/30/99

Flyweight Fighter of Century as chosen by a five-member panel for The Associated Press:

1. Pancho Villa, 76-5-5, 23 KO's, 21 ND. 1919-25. 7 years active.

tie. Miguel Canto, 61-9-4, 15 KO's. 1969-82. 14 years active.

3. Jimmy Wilde, 131-3-2, 99 KO's. 13 ND. 1910-23. 13 years active.

4. Fidel La Barba, 75-15-8, 17 KO's, 1 ND. 1924-33 years active.

5. Frankie Genaro, 82-21-8, 19 KO's, 19 ND. 1920-34. 15 years active.

6. Small Montana, 79-22-10, 10 KO's, 1931-41. 11 years active.

7. Charchai Chionoi, 63-19-3, 39 KO's, 1957-75. 19 years active.

8. Ricardo Lopez, 49-0-1, 36 KO's, 1985-still active.

9. Corporal Izzy Schwartz, 58-27-12, 5 KO's. 1922-32. 10 years active.

tie. Jackie Patterson, 64-25-3, 41 KO's. 1938-51. 14 years active.

Note: Career denotes years of first and last fights; years active is number of years with at least one fight.

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Miguel Canto
Charchai Chionoi
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Fidel La Barba
Ricardo Lopez
Small Montana
Pancho Villa
Jimmy Wilde

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