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Boxing games and simulations, as well as strategy hints, codes and game reviews.

Contender - Game Review
Game Revolution's Dr. Moo reviews Sony's Contender boxing game and he's not impressed.

Free service allows a user to match any two fighters, from any period of time, against each other. Get round by round results and predicted outcome. Definitely worth a look.

Electronic Knockout
'EKO' is a boxing simulation game run over the Internet in which you 'create fictional fighters and manage their careers'.

Fanatic Games - Fantasy Boxing Leagues
Game allows managers to create their own "gym" of real fighters. Based on real life results, managers compete for a $500 cash first prize; runners-up can receive prizes as well.

Knockout Kings - Game Review
Game Revolution's Dr. Moo gives EA Sports' Knockout Kings boxing game a mixed review.

Knockout Kings - Game Review
The Sports Gaming Network considers EA Sports' Knockout Kings 'a very solid, high quality game'.

Knockout Kings from EA Sports
Games featuring some of boxing's biggest names: Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield and Muhammad Ali.

TBG - The Boxing Game
A boxing simulation game in which create fictional fighters and manage their careers over the internet.

WeBL - The Web Boxing League
A free boxing game from the creator of EKO.

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