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Leon Spinks from 1976 Summer Olympics


Boxer Leon Spinks wearing World Champion Belt.
Ken Love/Stringer/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Who Is Leon Spinks:
Leon Spinks represented the United States as a light heavyweight boxer in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and won the Gold medal. He and Michael Spinks became the first brothers to win Gold medals in the same sport at the same Olympics.

On February 15, 1978, in only his eighth professional fight, Spinks outpointed Muhammad Ali over 15 rounds to capture the world heavyweight title. Spinks lost the title back to Ali just seven months later and his career went into an irreversible tailspin. He last fought in 1995, ending with a pro record of 26-17-3.

Where Is Leon Spinks Now:
Spinks was reportedly homeless just over a decade after winning the heavyweight title. Later, after getting divorced, he briefly lived in a shelter in his native St. Louis. He's been a greeter at Mike Ditka's restaurant in Chicago. He also helped start a gym in Detroit and did assorted odd jobs in California.

More recently, he was living in Columbus, Nebraska and working at a local YMCA and McDonalds. He was also volunteering at an after-school program for youth.

Spinks' son, Cory Spinks, is a former welterweight and junior middleweight world champion. Leon can usually be spotted in or around the corner at each of his son's fights.

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