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History - Everything You Need to Know About Boxing History


We've got fight-by-fight career records and profiles of retired boxers of the past. Check out information on the Boxing Hall of Fame and boxing award winners, plus historical records, results and champions.
  1. Retired Boxer Records/Profiles
  2. Awards & Hall of Fame
  3. Historical Results, Rankings & Champions
  4. Olympics & Amateur History

Retired Boxer Records/Profiles

Fight-by-fight career records and profiles of great boxers of the past -- from Muhammad Ali to Fritzie Zivic.

Awards & Hall of Fame

Boxing's Hall of Fame and annual award winners often go overlooked by the mainstream media ... but not here!

Historical Results, Rankings & Champions

Ranking fighters in different weight classes - from different eras - is a sure way to spark differences of opinion. Well, let the debate begin . . .

Olympics & Amateur History

Many of boxing's best fighters learned their craft in the amateurs. We've got everything you need to know about the amateur boxing and the Olympics.

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