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Not satisfied with the boxing coverage in your local paper? Have a look at these sites for all the latest news, rumors, gossip and more! Plus, columns & columnists, magazines & newsletters, movies & television, photos/audio/video and odds & predictions.
  1. Columns / Columnists (23)
  2. Fan Pages (10)
  3. Magazines / Newsletters (8)
  4. Movies (14)
  5. News (22)
  6. Odds / Predictions (4)
  7. Photos / Audio / Video (9)
  8. Television (10)

Boxing Blog: News, Rumors & More!
Commentary (plus great links) on the latest news in and around the world of boxing from your About Guide Andrew Eisele.

Latest Boxing Results
Latest boxing results from around the world.

Upcoming Boxing Schedule
Comprehensive schedule of upcoming bouts with television info, fighter records and links to fighter profiles. From your About.com Boxing Guide.

The Contender: Season Two
Everything you ever wanted to know about ESPN boxing reality show "The Contender: Season Two".

Mayweather vs Pacquiao - The Most Elusive Fight In History
Mayweather vs Pacquiao, could it ever happen?

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